Mid-Season Recommendations: Summer 2022 Edition

Here is the list of anime I watched this season and wrote first impressions for most of them. I hope this will helps you in identifying something good to watch.

First Impression: A Gentle Dragon of 5000 Years Old, It was Recognised as an Evil Dragon without Any Cause

I just watched this anime on a whim as the duration of each episode is 14 mins only. I did not expected to be this good. It is hilarious and enjoyable, plus the animation is really good. Here is my review for episode 1 and 2.

First Impression: Isekai Ojisan

This anime is freaking gold. It has totally unique concept. At the start of this anime you might be expecting that Ojisan recounting a tale of valour from his Isekai life but what you get is his bizarre experience in his old life and his equally ludicrous reactions to the changes in the real world. Here is my review for the first four episodes of the anime.


First Impression: Parallel World Pharmacy

At first look this seems more like generic Isekai but as I watched all the four episodes I am convinced this anime is more like Ascendance of a Bookworm. I can see the anime has potential to become a good story. Here is my review of the first 4 episodes of the anime.